Breweries Brewmaster

Breweries BREWORX BREWMASTER – Recommended basic configurations of small breweries that are equipped with a wort boiling machine BREWMASTER.

Breweries Modulo

Micro Breweries BREWORX MODULO CLASSIC and BREWORX MODULO LITE-ME are simple brewery sets that may be assembled only by customer without our technician specialists.

Breweries Lite-Eco

Small and medium craft breweries that are equipped with the wort machine BREWORX LITE-ECO for production of beer only from malt concentrates.

Breweries Classic-Eco

Small and medium craft breweries that are equipped with the wort machine BREWORX CLASSIC-ECO for production beer from classic ingrediences.

Breweries Lite-ME

Small and medium craft breweries that are equipped with the wort machine BREWORX LITE-ME for production of beer only from malt concentrates, not from malt.

Breweries Classic

Micro Breweries BREWORX CLASSIC are small breweries with traditional historical design and modern professional equipment to production all known types of beer.

Breweries Compact

Small breweries BREWORX COMPACT are the craft breweries with simple industrial design that are designed for efficient production of all known kinds beer.

Breweries Oppidum

Brewery BREWORX OPPIDUM is the industrial medium-size brewery with the special brewing system designed for production big volumes of wort.

Malt grains mill machines

Machines for fine squeezing of malt grains without damaging the outer parts of grain before the beer wort brewing process.

Scales for raw material

Scales for weighting of the raw material - malt, malt concentrates, hops, yeast ...

Temporary malt hoppers

Hoppers for temporary storage of malt before its use.

Malt storage silos

Silos are big outdoor tanks to storage of malt, corn, grain or other loose materials.

Screw conveyors

Equipment for easy transport of milled malt to mash tun of the brewhouse. It is also use for transport of brewers’ grains from the filtering tanks of the wort brew machine to waste collection box.

Wort brew machines

Brew machines for the production of hopped wort. The most important technical step in the beer production process is the brewing of the wort.

Wort cooling - aeration

Compact systems for cooling and aeration wort before start the fermentation of beer.

Heating wort and water

Systems for heating of the brewhouse and water. Hot steam generators, modular heating systems including a water treatment.

Water management system

Water management system includes the water treatment equipment, hot water tank, iced treated water tank, cooling and heating equipment.

Primary fermentation tanks

Tanks for the primary fermentation of beer. Open fermentation vats, cylindrically-conical fermenters, cylindrical fermenters, insulated and non-insulated fermentation tanks.

Secondary fermentation tanks

Tanks for the secondary fermentation of beer - the beer maturation process under pressure. Cylindrical maturation tanks, cylindrically-conical tanks, insulated and non-insulated fermenters.

Complete fermentation sets

Fully equipped sets for the fermentation and maturation of beer under pressure that are equipped with classical cylindrical-conical tanks and all equipment for controlled cooling of the tanks.

Yeast processing equipment

Equipment to safety storage, revitalization, collecting and dosage of the brewer´s yeast. Yeast storage and regeneration tanks, yeast propagation stations. Bottles for storage yeast.

Beer | Conditioning tanks

Special pressure tanks for the conditioning of beer. Bright beer tanks are used for the carbonization of beer, additional hopping, filtration of beer and for filling beer into bottles, kegs, cans.

Hops extraction into beer

Equipment for extraction of aromatic active substances from hops into cold beer (dry hopping) – an infusion of hop extracts to finalized cold beer after finalizing the beer fermentation process.

Beer carbonization

Equipment for carbonization of beer in the pressure beer conditioning tanks or in the pipes under pressure using an external carbondioxide pressure cylinders.

Beer filtration equipment

Equipment for beer – plate filters, diatomaceous filters, microfilters. Mechanical reduction of yeast in beer.

Beer pasteurization equipment

Equipment for pasteurisation of beer. The pasteuriser is an integral part of the beer production process.

Filling beer into kegs

Equipment for filling beer into stainless steel barrels - kegs. Rinsing, cleaning, sanitizing and filling of the beer kegs.

Filling beer into Petainers

Equipment for filling beer into plastic barrels - Petainers.

Filling beer into cans

Equipment for filling beer into aluminium cans.

Filling beer into glass bottles

Equipment for filling beer into glass bottles. Rinsing, cleaning, filling, capping and labelling of glass bottles.

Filling beer into PET bottles

Equipment for filling beer into plastic bottles - Pets.

Cooling systems

The cooling systems include equipment for cooling of tanks, wort, beer pipes and other components to storage, fermentation, distribution of beer or wort.

Measuring & Control systems

Systems serve to manual or automatic control of the temperatures in the tanks and control of other equipment in breweries.

Cleaning & sanitizing systems

Static and mobile CIP stations to cleaning, sanitizing, sterilization of the tanks, pipes, brewhouses and other brewery equipment.

Beer dispenzing equipment

Equipment for storage beer, dispenzing beer into glasses, cooling and transport beer before its serving in pubs.

Compressed air system

Equipment for cleaning, drying, compressing and distribution of sterile compressed air to pneumatic valves, actuators and aeration of wort.

Nitrogen system

Equipment for production of sterile nitrogen from compressed air to pressurizing of tanks during filtration, dispenzing or transport beer.

Carbondioxide system

Equipment for dosing, regulation and transport of carbondioxide to pressurizing of tanks during filtration, dispenzing or transport beer.


Pumps for transport beer, water, sanitizing solutions, wort, for the extraction hops in beer and other purposes in breweries.

Fittings & Connection material

Connection armatures, fittings for tanks, hoses, pipes, cables, frames and other material for connections between the brewery equipment.

Tank equipment & accessories

Optional equipment, accessories, tools and auxiliary equipment for beer production tanks.